The Reading Radar

Stories behind the news

The Reading Radar (or: 'LeesRadar' in Dutch) is an innovative media concept, featuring a new way to present background stories to the news via digital channels. It supports users to quickly and easily look at current affairs topics from multiple perspectives.

The Reading Radar concept was developed and evaluates in 2012 by a consortium of three companies:

This page provides online prototypes of the concept, demonstrations videos and the project report. If you would like more information about the Reading Radar concept, email us: info@leesradar.nl

Online prototypes

The Reading Radar concept was worked out into two prototypes, versions A and B. Both versions are accessible online:

Note that the content in both prototypes is in Dutch, and that the prototypes have been optimized for use on iPads.

Demonstration videos

Reading Radar prototype version A:

Reading Radar prototype version B:

Project report

A project report describes the proces in which the Reading Radar concept was designed, developed and evaluated. This report can be viewed / downloaded online:

Part of the report's appendix can be viewed online: